Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emo Girls For Hot

Emo Girls For Hot Emo Girl With Black Long Emo Girl Hairstyle Picture 1

Emo Girls For Hot Emo Girl With Black Long Emo Girl Hairstyle Picture 3Emo Girls For Hot Emo Girl With Black Long Emo Girl Hairstyle Picture2






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Today emo is commonly tied to both music and fashion as well as the emo subculture. Usually among teens, the term “emo” is stereotyped with wearing skinny jeans, sometimes in bright colors, and tight t-shirts (usually short-sleeved) which often bear the names of emo bands. Studded belts and black wristbands are common accessories in emo fashion. Black Converse sneakers and skate shoes, such as Vans, are popularly worn among people of the emo fashion. Some emo guys also wear thick, black horn-rimmed glasses.

The emo fashion is also recognized for its hairstyles. Popular looks include long side-swept bangs, sometimes covering one or both eyes. Also popular is hair that is straightened and dyed black. Bright colors, such as blue, pink, red, or bleached blond, are also typical as highlights in emo hairstyles. Short, choppy layers of hair are also common. This fashion has at times been characterized as a fad. Early on, emo fashion was associated with a clean cut look but as the style spread to younger teenagers, the style has become darker, with long bangs and emphasis on the color black replacing sweater vests.

In recent years emo has been associated with a stereotype that includes being emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angst-ridden. It has also been associated with depression, self-injury, and suicide.


emo girls01 Beautiful Emo Girls

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