Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emo Girls Fashion

Emo Hair

Emo Hair A long fringe (bangs) brushed to one side of the face or over one or both eyes, dyed black . Spikes are occasionally accentuated at certain angles of the hair, especially at the back. A common generalization for emo hair is short in the back and long in the front.

However, there are many emo-looking hair styles to choose from and it's important to think outside the box. Emo has its roots in the punk scene, and isn't just limited to black with a long fringe. Hair can be dark brown, black, blond, purple or any color you want - as long as the cut is expressive of a punk rock culture and has a little emo flare. Black hair, for example, may be highlighted with white accents, vibrant red streaks, orange tones, or any other shade the individual prefers. At the same time, any color that is bold and vibrant can be considered an emo look. Wear super girly hair bands, bandannas, ribbons. It's up to you!It is a misconception that emo styles aren't washed frequently.

While some teenagers may choose not to wash their hair regularly, this is not a necessary characteristic of emo styles.Emo hairstyles are a great way to play around with your look. They allow you to have fun, be creative and unique. An Emo hairstyle treats your hair like a canvas; you have artistic freedom to express who you are, to show off your personal style almost like an art form. The beauty of an Emo hairstyle is how un-uniformed it is; they are asymmetrical and rather choppy.As a result some emos prefer DIY hair or by cut by a friend at home shunning the processed, rubber-stamped appearance of mainstream hairstyles. A mistake in your cutting could actually turn into an advantage in your Emo look. Although sometimes it is best to visit a trained professional that you can clearly show what you want.

Emo Fashion Tips

Hoodies: hoodies are part of the emo fashion, but just not any regular hoodie. Hoodies with fun prints like skulls or cute prints and designs on the hoodie. The great thing about wearing a hoodie emo style, that they make hoodies for all seasons.

Extra Shirt: no not to carry around if you have a spill, but an extra plain white- t shirt or something with a solid print or designs to wear under your regular t-shirt, so you can create a layered look. Usually the emo layered look, consists of the under shirt being long sleeved while the top shirt is short sleeved.

Scarves: scarves are definitely a fashion statement for the emo look, to be worn any way they would like to. Scarves are usually long and knitted with solid colors, prints or stripes are always a nice touch.

Shoes: the shoes are quite simple in emo fashion, most emo trenders wear conversers or vans along with their hoodies and jeans or any other flat shoe without a sole would do the trick to complete the emo look.

Emo Hairstyles: Emo hairstyles are now again in fashion today.






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