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There is much talk over what emo is exactly, but it is a combination of the hairstyle, clothes, accessories and even makeup. It is a new craze going on with the younger generation that is a mix of punk and new age alternative rock music. How do you grow your hair right for a short emo hair style?

Coloring is also an option. The most popular colors for the emo hairstyles are typically black and blond layered together. With the shorter hairstyles it is becoming popular for girls and guys to actually dye the tips a different color. For girls its usually a pink or purple, and for guys it could be a blue or green.

After time and practice you will get the perfect hairstyle for you. The average takes about three to four months to get it to grow out to the right length, and from that point you can decide if you want it to be short or long. The short styles are the most popular as you are able to spike them from the back and use many different waxes and putty to keep them in place. Find the right product for you and you will be all set for your new short emo hair style.

Many people that grew up in the 1980s or 1990s just simply refer to this as a new age punk style, but the kids of today call this Emo. It ranges from makeup, clothes, music to even hairstyles. But what is this long emo hair trend?

In order to grow a proper emo hairstyle it all starts with the bangs. You are going to want to grow them out, making them thicker than normal bangs, and pus them off to the side while still slightly covering up your eyes. While you are growing out you bangs you can grow out the rest of your mop to go with it.

In order to get the best out of your look, it is recommended that you get a straightening iron and some sort of putty wax to put in your hair. It will make your hair pliable while still looking soft. How does your long emo hair look?

For a fashionable yet unfussy Emo hairstyle, you can opt for a lift at the crown and get your hair swept up and back, pinned to the side and leave stray strands to fall like a curtain. You can complete this asymmetrical look by letting one side of your hair be styled pointy and the other left straight and free falling.

To make your hair more pliable and set it according to Emo trends of your choice, dry shampoos available at the local chemist are a cheap and cheerful bet. So, get creative and express yourself with Emo hairstyles to fit every mood out there - all it requires is a little imagination and a dollop of attitude. (Oh yes, did we mention the hairspray?)

Emo hair styles are strongly related to the traditional punk hairstyles from the 80s. More recently however the emo type has developed a more fixed type of view and its own fashion with it.

The emo hair styles vary everytime depending on the person wearing it. More than one factors must be taken into account; for example if someone in gothic clothes tries to pull an emo hair style, they might not be considered emo at all. Therefore, the clothing, skin piercing, tatoos and other features will also help in distinguishing between different people.

Emo hair styles also tend to be more loose and have no restraints. Let's take the bangs haircut for boys - in this example, the hair is simply left to model around the side of the face without any elastic bands or clips; this also stands true for girls.

The fourth factor on my list is a deliberately messy look! This look is always individual and therefore reflects a user personality and style! Others should never be copied no matter how good you think their emo haircuts look! Always try to impose your own emo hair style and style in general.

Emo Girls from Germany (and other).

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