Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emo Kids

Emo fashion tips are not for the faint of heart—going emo requires making a bold fashion statement. Funky hair, tight clothing and wild accessories are hallmarks of this relatively new movement. To fit into the scene, you’ve got to stand out.

Maintaining the Emo Mane
Emo hair might seem wild and crazy, but it actually requires careful planning and maintenance. Your hair must be kept straight, through use either of a flat iron or straightening gel. Those with layered emo hair keep the look fresh by using a razor comb to keep angles asymmetrical. Accessorizing your hair with headbands and clips is a great way to change your hair without getting it cut.

Tighten Things Up
Being emo requires tight fitting threads. Purchase shirts that are a size or two too small for you. The same goes for jeans—guys can even venture over to the women’s section and check out what’s going on there for an extra snug feel.

Always Accessorize
Emo is great for accessorizing. Decorate your newly tight jeans with a studded belt. Regular belts work fine as long as you deck them out with a big custom buckle. If you really want to dazzle, get super bold and wear a studded belt with a big buckle.

Foot Fashion
Canvas Converse sneakers and skateboarding shoes are the generally accepted emo kicks. Some emo kids choose to wear boots, but it is important to be careful with this. Boots often suggest that a person is more punk than emo, so make sure the rest of your look is in line. You don’t want to end up in the wrong mosh pit.

Buttons and pins are a great way to spice up any shirt or bag. You can usually pick up free ones at concerts or at any music store. Pick out some from your favorite band and let the public know.








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