Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Hair Tips

There is no need for concern when making your emo hairstyle, what you feel like doing goes! It's not a normal look so therefore people expect it to be all over the place and to be and over all crazy hair cut. Most emo girls and men guys to the jet black hair for their hair cut and they like the unnatural, uneven look it gives it more spunk. Even though the emo look is becoming more common, it is still an uncommon way for a hair cut. So have fun with it dye it black, chop it up and add some crazy highlights.

Emo hairstyles can be made by you, your best friend or your little brother. The style does not require a professional stylist or beautician. You can just cut the dyed hair all over in different shapes but the hair usually is always longer in the front hiding the face. You can also razor it in the back to have it spiky with the longer bangs for a weird looking hair cut. Both of these are considered an emo hairstyle. No matter what you do to your hair choppy, buzzed in the back as long as you have some uneven pieces framing the face your in the clear.

Emo hairstyles are usually spiky and shaggy a definition of how you felt at that time. It's an all over the place crazy style so use gel and hair glue to your advantage. Adding hair glue to the bangs in the front to make them straight and stiff is a must when trying to create the emo hairstyle. You can add gel to the back of your hair as well to make it stand straight out if you have the back shorter. If the back is long and shaggy just mix and match gel and hair glue to make it a crazy bold effect. Remember the more unusual and different your hair looks the better off you are.
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