Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emo Girl

The emo style is a really modern and individual way to dress, and you can have a lot of fun planning your emo wardrobe, makeup and hairstyles. You don't have to be fully immersed in the emo scene to enjoy listening to some of the bands and wearing related styles, but remember that anytime you adapt a different and rebellious style you may get comments from people, and some of these will likely be negative. You should always choose a style that you feel comfortable in and one that compliments your personality, and then even if people are rude to you, you can just brush it off as you are being true to yourself. The same goes for you as well, other styles are just as acceptable as emo, so don't be rude to people you think of as being unimaginative, preppy or shallow.

There are some common themes in the style of emo, and this can be a good place to start planning your own emo look from. Emo hair is a big part of the style, and for girls this is a chance to get really inventive. Emo hair is always in good condition, with razor sharp choppy layers, so make sure you get a good professional cut before you start styling at home. The fringe is normally long, so it frames and drapes over the face, but you can do anything you like with the layers, and create interesting textures having a mixture of long and short layers. Emo hair is normally very straight and glossy, but if you have a longer style you can jazz this up a bit with curly, crimped or combed back sections, and tie up pieces with funky clips and hair grips. Straight braids and ponytails are not normally a feature of emo styles, but they can be combined as small parts of an overall style. Spiky hair is also common in emo hair, but these should be smooth and sleek, rather that the messy spikes of the punk style. In terms of colour the basic tone of emo style is jet black, but this is normally brightened up with lots of highlights or lowlights in a variety of funky colours including electric blue or green, neon pink and white blond.

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